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Best ways to save money on your wedding

With a few savy savings, it is realistic that you can both have the wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget completely. Below are expert tips and wedding hacks to help you save money on your wedding.

Choose either a wedding makeup artist or a hairdresser

saving money on your wedding

Wise brides know that going over the top on every element of your look will be too much and might even scare your groom off! As the aim should be to look the best version of yourself, choose the element you would like to enhance the most or are less skilful at doing yourself. By picking only one stylist you reduce the cost of your bridal look and make getting ready in the morning more relaxed.

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Buy bridesmaid dresses from high street shops

The high street has finally cottoned on that money can be made by creating low-cost, elegant dresses, which are great for bridesmaids. These can also can be re-used and are a more versatile gift for your best friends. Shopping on the high-street can save up to £100 per dress depending on the style/brand selected.

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Simplify your bridal accessories

saving money on your wedding

The best bridal accessory looks are those that are natural and apply the 'less is more' approach. Combining two items such as; a bracelet and earrings or necklace and hair accessory will ensure your look stays elegant and classy. While brides often desire sparkle or pearls, on the day no one will recognise whether they are real or not so opting for pretty shop bought or online costume versions will look just as stunning and halve costs.

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Cut-out wedding guest favours

Wedding favours can become a significant spend and do not get the attention deserved: Guests are usually more focused on chatting, pouring wine and eating. By stripping out the cost of wedding favours, you will also cut out the disappointment felt when no one even comments on your efforts. If wedding favours are a must then shop for small edible items.

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Minimalise wedding decorations and floral arrangements
saving money on your wedding

Most wedding venues are stunning without any additional decoration. By cutting back on these distractions, the key elements will stand out even more. Similarly, bridal bouquets and confetti do not need to be extravagant; simplicity will frame your dress more distinctly. If you have your heart set on a special bridal bouquet, it is wise to select 'in season' flowers, which will be much cheaper and widely available.

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Create your own wedding stationery

You do not have to be a talented artist to create your own save the dates, wedding invitations, place cards, seating plan, and thank you cards. There are very simple to use online services that provide step by step instructions and templates to reduce cost and time.

Make sure to compare a few online stationers before picking one as there are always discounts and these vary significantly. Also, make sure to use party and event templates rather than wedding ones as this will significantly reduce costs.

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Choose either a wedding music band or a DJ
saving money on your wedding

There is no need for both a band and DJ. Most groups will play recorded music in between sets, and most DJs will be very flexible for you to have as much input on the playlist as you want. Picking one or the other will halve costs and going for a cheaper DJ who will play your playlists will reduce costs even more.

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Reduce money spent subsidising the wedding bar

In America, it is expected that an open bar is offered, but time restrictions can be set so you do not end up paying for anyone’s excess. In the UK, it is recommended to pay for the cocktail hour drinks, but then a cash bar is normally expected so there is no need to be extra generous.

Simplify the wedding cake
saving money on your wedding

Unless a wedding cake is crucial to you, it can be very easy to buy a plain, but equally yummy version from most supermarkets and food stores. If you would like a specially made cake, it is worthwhile shopping around and limiting your budget to £300 ($400) for a cake to serve 100 people.

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Reduce the courses served at the wedding meal
saving money on your wedding

By reducing the wedding meal down from three to two courses, a significant saving can be made, and the dessert course can even be replaced by serving your wedding cake to ensure everyone gets a slice.

Wedding items not to scrimp on

The below aspects of your big day should not be saved on, unless they are not significant to you as a couple. Gettng discounts on these items will impact your day, memories and the experiences of your guests.

Do not opt for a discounted wedding venue
saving money on your wedding

Most couples will have an idea about the place or type of venue they would lke to get married at and this is a big part of your day that you will treasure forever. You and your guests will remember what the venue was like and going with your dreams will make this an even more special day.

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Do not consider cheap wedding catering

Along with the venue, the food is a big talking point at a wedding, and it sets the tone for the evening reception. Going to lesser known caterers can seem savy, but the savings will be quickly forgotten if the food is poor quality, cold or not as expected. When it comes to wedding catering, price is generally reflective of the quality and service level you can expect.

Do not opt for a budget wedding dress or wedding suit
saving money on your wedding

This is a day where both of you deserve to feel stunning and handsome. It is wise to set a realistic budget and only try on garments within this price range, but if a small extra spend here will make the difference between feeling 'perfect' and 'just ok' then go for it.

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Do not opt for the cheapest wedding photographers

Your wedding day will fly past, but the memories will live on forever in your pictures. Photographs that are poor quality, do not capture special moments or miss certain guests, is one of the biggest regrets from married couples and one to avoid.

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