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how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

Many brides focus on looking beautiful but forget that being comfortable all day is vital too. Below are six top tips compiled by newlyweds to ensure you stay comfortable on your wedding day.

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how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

Tip one: Wear your hair in a relaxed style

Many brides want a pristine and stunning hairdo to walk down the aisle, but forget that their hair needs to last all day. Firmly held hairstyles or radically different looks may not be a good match for your hair type, and many brides end up feeling frustrated if a style drops or looks straggly very quickly.

It is also important not to pick a style that pulls at the roots as these can cause headaches. Also, avoid over-pinning your hair; while initially, this will make it feel secure, the pins can start to dig in as the day goes on.

Ask your hairdresser for styles that will suit the thickness, length of your hair and your personality. It is highly recommended to go for a relaxed style that can easily be let down without looking messy.

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how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

Tip two: Wear natural mineral makeup that will nourish your skin all day

When trialing makeup with your wedding makeup artist or buying your own products, do lots of research and only go for long-lasting products that suit your skin type. Use these products before your wedding and take pictures throughout the day to see how they last on your skin. Most good quality makeup counters will give testers or free product trials so you can be confident your look will last all day.

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Tip three: Wear heels you would usually feel comfortable wearing all day

Many brides focus on achieving their perfect height rather than fitting their wedding dress to a heel they can comfortably wear all day: This can lead to rubbing, wear down your energy for dancing and mean your dress drags when high-heels are taken off. Keeping to your normal height heel in a bridal style will ensure you can keep moving and dancing late into the night.

Also expect your feet to swell slightly with the heat of the dress and all of the constant movement all day, so invest in 'wide-fit' shoes and breathable materials. It is recommended to stay away from cheaper plastic shoes which will overheat your feet.

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how to stay comfortable on your wedding day
Tip four: Ask for a bustle on your wedding dress skirt

A wedding dress' train looks stunning as you walk down the aisle and can look elegant in pictures, but this additional material can cause many brides to slip or trip when later walking or dancing. Avoid this embarrassment by asking your dressmaker to add a bustle to clip up your train after the ceremony.

A skilled dressmaker will be able to disguise this, so your dress looks just as pretty when pinned up. At the dress fitting, make sure to trial fastening/unfastening the bustle to make sure that you or a helpful bridesmaid can do this easily on the day.

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how to stay comfortable on your wedding day
Tip five: Opt for a lace-up or variable wedding dress corset

Where possible, make sure that the bodice of your dress allows for you to comfortably sit, eat and move all day rather than picking a very restrictive corset that will feel tight. It is highly recommended to opt for a lace-up dress where the tightness can be varied throughout the day or a bodice that has extra fastenings that can be loosened if needed.

Tip six: Pack emergency supplies to fix all issues

It is highly recommended to fill your purse or a bridesmaid's with the following items; Vaseline to prevent chaffing and for beauty emergencies, safety pins for minor tears and securing your dress/bra if needed. Hair grips for recovering any straggly hair and fabric plasters for any blisters or rubbing.

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