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How to weatherproof your wedding day

Last year’s wedding season weather was very mixed, so it is wise to make plans in case your 2022 wedding day is wet too. Below are quick and easy ways to ensure that rain does not affect your wedding day.

how to weatherproof your wedding day

How to weatherproof your wedding pictures

Surprisingly, wet weather can make wedding pictures more striking and romantic. The overcast sky and darkened light can create soft-focus lighting and dramatic backdrops.

Wet weather pictures also give more options for fun and stylish props such as umbrella’s, wellies and opportunities for those candid moments when your new husband helps with your train or carries the umbrella.

In terms of guest pictures, these can be taken inside, or multiple, colour co-ordinated umbrellas can make for a captivating photo. When picking your photographer, make sure that they enjoy wet weather and are willing to get wet to ensure you get those rare moments.

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how to weatherproof your wedding day

How to weatherproof your bridal look

Most bridal looks are made to last the day, and this will include dealing with adverse weather. However, if you know in advance that your day will be rainy, it is worth catching up with your makeup artist and hairdresser to re-check your style and make sure it will last.

Makeup can easily be shifted to waterproof versions, but your hairstyle should be one that the rain will not impact. For wet weather weddings, it is recommended to either go for a very relaxed style so your hair can do what it usually does in the rain or to go for a firm hold style – if your hair is prone to frizzing. If you love your look and do not want to change, ask your hairdresser to use products to protect your hair from frizz.

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How to weatherproof your arrival

If you have planned for a grand arrival in a show-stopping car do not panic, the raining weather can add to the glamour as you can be greeted like a star with an umbrella and your father waiting. If you are keen that guests see your arrival, make sure that umbrellas are distributed to guests on arrival: These do not need to cost much and can be bought in bulk.

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how to weatherproof your wedding day
How to weatherproof your wedding ceremony

If you have planned to have an outdoor reception and your day is set to be gloomy, do not let the rain stop you and either share umbrella’s and choose a golf style one to walk down the aisle with. Alternatively, notify your venue a few days in advance and they will switch your location. If you are going for a castle or popular wedding venue, a wet weather contingency should be offered as a standard part of the package.

How to weatherproof your wedding reception

If you have planned a wedding reception, which has lots of elements outside, do these in stages and ask a member of the bridal party to keep an eye on the hourly weather forecast to ensure you head outdoors in between showers.

If the weather for your day will be too wet to enjoy the great outdoors, opt for some last minute fun indoor touches that will make you and your guests forget the weather.

how to weatherproof your wedding day
How to weatherproof your wedding guests

If the weather on your day is affecting your fashion choices, it is bound to also affect your guests who have invested in special outfits for the occasion. To ensure they feel just as special, make sure umbrellas are distributed as they arrive. Additionally, beauty products can be placed in the toilets and blankets distributed around the ceremony or reception room.

How to keep children entertained in wet weather

If you had planned outdoor games to keep the kids entertained, switch these to indoor puzzles and a comfortable, quiet area where kids can safely play without parents having to worry about safety or breakages: This will be hugely popular and can be created last minute by a visit to low-cost children/home stores.

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