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organising wedding guest transport

Making wedding transport easy for your guests will ensure your big day flows like a dream. The below page gives a step by step guide to making the right wedding guest transport choices for your wedding day.

organising wedding guest transport

when is wedding guest transport needed?

  • The venue is a long drive from the hotel.
  • There is minimal parking.
  • Directions are complicated, and guests could get lost.
  • You want guests to be able to drink.
  • You have a lot of foreign or out of town guests attending. 

  • how much to spend on wedding guest transport

    It is wise to budget between £300- £800 ($400 -$900) for wedding guest transport. Options can be significantly cheaper, and quotes will vary based on; the number of guests, distance, number of separate journeys, style of vehicle (iconic and classic transport is by far most expensive). Guests will not expect to travel in style, but transport should be safe, look nice and be comfortable.

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    organising wedding guest transport

    most popular wedding guest transport options in the UK

  • Routemaster London buses cost approximately £600 - £800
  • Standard coaches cost between £300 - £600

  • most popular wedding guest transport options in the US
  • Vintage trolley
  • Yellow school bus
  • Charter buses

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    organising wedding guest transport
    top tips to keep wedding guest transport costs low

    Avoid hiring a niche or iconic transport option unless you have the budget – these can be prone to breaking down and may detract from your wedding venue when guests arrive.

    Ask your bridal party to travel with guests if they are not needed in advance.

    Opt for a larger vehicle size, which can take guests all at once.

    Give the option for wedding transport or driving on your wedding invite so numbers will be lower.

    Ask a trusted guest to count people onto the bus to save any additional cost for another person.

    when to book wedding guest transport

    It is wise to make initial enquiries when booking bridal transport  approximately six months before the wedding and then book after finalising numbers from the RSVPs returned. For tips on how to include transport wording on the wedding invitation visit our page on wording wedding invitations.

    organising wedding guest transport
    where to find wedding guest transport providers

    Ask your venue for their preferred wedding guest transport companies. This is particularly recommended if your wedding venue is difficult to get to or in the countryside. 

    Search on google by transport type and venue location for the closest options and then request testimonials from couples. 

    details needed for contacting wedding transport providers

    Make sure to have the following details to hand when calling or emailing wedding transport companies so you can get an efficient service and be in a better position to get a deal.

  • Date of wedding
  • Venue/locations with postcode or zip code
  • Approximate numbers needing transport (overestimate)
  • Number of single journeys
  • Vehicle preference
  • organising wedding guest transport
    shortlisting wedding guest transport providers

    After gathering the quotations, it is then recommended to visit two providers to look at the vehicles and ask more detailed questions:

  • Have they previously provided transport to your venue?

  • Do drivers complete a trial journey before the day?
  • Coverage in case of sickness, or breakdown/delays
  • Will the driver check passenger numbers on the day?
  • Are there any additional costs if timings differ on the day?
  • When do final numbers/plans need to be confirmed by?

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    how to book wedding guest transport
    organising wedding guest transport

    It is recommended to slightly overestimate guest numbers when booking and then capture accurate information on the RSVP:

    This will enable you to change your transport booking and supply a list of names to the driver or friend, making sure everyone gets on.

    All wedding transport providers have to keep within their number restrictions for insurance purposes so any additional guests will not be allowed on.

    On booking the transport expect to receive a detailed document and to pay a small deposit. Full amounts are normally paid within one month of the wedding.

    wedding guest transport: Tips to stay stress-free on the day

    To make the transit of guests go smoothly on the day, it is recommended to ask a close friend or family member to make sure everyone is on the bus, rather than leaving this to the driver. If needed, this means they can stall departure or check in the hotel.

    It is also recommended that the advertised coach departure is slightly before the actual departure for those guests who may be running late.

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