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Organising wedding guest transport

Making wedding transport easy for your guests will ensure they arrive relaxed and on time. The below page gives a step by step guide to making the right transport choice for your wedding guests.

organising wedding guest transport

When is wedding guest transport needed?

It is worth considering organising wedding guest transport in each of the below scenarios:

  • The venue is a long drive from the hotel (at least 20 minutes).
  • There is minimal parking at your wedding venue.
  • The journey is complicated, and there is a high chance guests could get lost.
  • You want your guests to be able to drink safety without having to be limited by driving.
  • You have a lot of foreign or out of town guests attending. 

How far in advance to book wedding guest transport

It is wise to make initial enquiries at the same time as booking bridal transportation; approximately six months before the wedding. Guest numbers can be finalised with the hire company once the RSVPs have been returned, but getting this sorted early is crucial.

What does wedding guest transport include

Wedding transport packages can vary slightly, but should typically include the same mode of transport to pick up your guests from a location, deliver them to the venue and then a return journey at the end of the night.

A driver should be included; along with petrol and a backup option in case of issues on the day. If you require multiple pickups and an additional return journey earlier in the evening, these will need to be specified when booking.

organising wedding guest transport

How much to spend on wedding guest transport

It is wise to budget between £300 and £500 for wedding guest transport. Some couples get duped into paying more by companies that do not itemise/breakdown costs or explicitly state whether VAT is included. It is wise to check the small print is correct, and the prices are explicit before booking a hire company.

How do I save on wedding transportation?

Below are tips to make sure your spend on guest transport stays low:

  • Avoid hiring a niche or iconic transport option unless you have the budget.
  • Ask your bridal party to travel with guests unless they are needed before the ceremony.
  • Opt for a larger vehicle size, which can take all of your guests at once.
  • Give guests the option of parking at the venue or taking transport.

When deciding how much to budget for wedding guest transport, it is worth bearing in mind that transport doesn't need to be stylish. Transportation just needs to be safe, clean and comfortable.

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organising wedding guest transport
How to find wedding guest transport providers

It is wise to ask your venue for their preferred wedding guest transport providers and then to compare these with other local providers. Preferred suppliers can often come at a premium. However, if your wedding venue is in a particularly hard to reach location, it may be worthwhile opting for a supplier who knows the venue and can work with your coordinator directly on the day.

Popular wedding guest transport options

The most popular transport options in the UK are standard coaches and prices will tend to be quite competitive due to the availability of hire companies. Other top choices include; traditional Routemaster London buses and more rustic tractor options for those in the countryside.

In the US the most popular transport option tends to be charter buses, which often have a lot more mod cons to suit seasonal weddings. For those looking for a more traditional transport option; vintage trolleys are available in most major cities. Yellow school buses are also a playful option to get your guests mingling straight away.

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organising wedding guest transport
How to approach wedding transport providers

Make sure to have the following details to hand when calling or emailing wedding transport providers so you can get an efficient service and will be in a better position to get a deal.

  • Date of wedding
  • Venue/locations with postcode or zip code
  • Approximate numbers needing transport (overestimate)
  • Number of single journeys and approximate timings
  • Vehicle preference

  • What to look out for when comparing wedding guest transport providers

    To ensure that you get a quality, reliable service, which meets your requirements and delivers your guests safely, it is vital to ensure:

    • That they have previously provided transport to your venue or will complete a trial run before your wedding day.
    • The company are happy to provide you with client testimonials.
    • They are fully insured and will provide alternative transport if a breakdown occurs.
    • A fully qualified driver is included in the price and whether monetary tips are expected.
    • What is included in the price and what are optional extras.
    • Timescales for finalising numbers and payment are clearly outlined.

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    organising wedding guest transport
    How to book wedding guest transport

    Once you have decided on a provider, it is best to confirm details via email, so you have a written record of everything agreed. At this point, it is recommended to overestimate guest numbers to ensure the vehicle booked will be big enough. At the point of confirming, your supplier will provide a detailed invoice and will explain what deposit is required to secure their services for the day. This is normally non-refundable.

    Wedding guest transport: Tips to stay stress-free on the day

    To ensure that transport is timely on the day, it is recommended to ask a close friend or family member to make sure everyone is on the bus, rather than leaving this to the driver. If needed, this means they can stall departure or check in the hotel.

    It is also recommended that the advertised coach departure is slightly before the actual departure for those guests who may be running late.

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