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how much should a wedding photographer cost?

Working out how much to spend on a wedding photographer to get great pictures without spending thousands of pounds can be difficult and finding out what is exactly included and what to ask for even more difficult.

Below is a concise guide to wedding photographer prices, how much to pay, what services you will need to ensure are included and extra services that are recommended.

how much should a wedding photographer cost

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how much do wedding photographers cost?

Expect to pay approximately £1,500 for an experienced, talented wedding photographer who will produce photographs you will want to look at time and time again. Prices range enormously, and it is wise to look at anywhere between £800 and £2,000 for a professional wedding photographer with extensive experience.

does it matter how much I spend on wedding photographers?

Yes. There is such a wide range of suppliers that the wedding photographers have to be competitive with their pricing. Pricing is reflective of experience, reputation, service level and style of photography. If a particular supplier looks very cheap in comparison to others in the area, then make sure you ask detailed questions, get other client recommendations and extensive range of pictures to review.

Saving on photographs is a common mistake made by couples, which can lead to upsetting, unflattering pictures, key moments lost forever and can end in lengthy disputes on payment or lack of photos. Avoid this pitfall by basing your price within the above range and doing research before you pick a supplier.

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how much should a wedding photographer cost

do I need to hire an actual wedding photographer?

Yes, wedding photographers may initially seem to cost a lot more than semi-professional portrait photographers, but this cost differential is balanced by the experience a wedding photographer will have.

Wedding professionals will know exactly the right shots needed to capture the essence of your day, will have the technical knowledge of angles, poses, lighting and just the right time to get the perfect shot: They will also do all the coordination with your venue, on arrival familiarise themselves and will be able to arrange guests if needed. The service given by wedding photographers will enable you to focused on enjoying your wedding day without any direction, which would be required with non-wedding trained professionals.

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how much should a wedding photographer cost
essential services your wedding photographer should include:

When choosing your photographer, it is hard to know what you will need from them, and it can be challenging to start questioning someone you have built a rapport with. Avoid any awkwardness by ensuring that their packages cover the below services and products before engaging:

Engagement photographs /initial meeting to get to know you as a couple

Full wedding day photography package (from getting ready to an hour into the disco)

Getting ready photos will be balanced between the bride and groom

Equipment and experience in all weather scenarios

Guarantee of a high number of prints high-resolution prints

Final photographs will be supplied by disk or USB (not watermarked)

Also make sure that mileage, VAT and additional expenses like an overnight stay are explicit as these can dramatically alter prices.

additional extras that it is wise to have

Make sure that all prints electronic or paper will be non-watermarked so these can be freely printed

Option to have two photographers – this can mean more extensive coverage of the day and the benefit of two artists rather than one

Your pictures will remain locked/confidential unless you want them freely viewable on their website

Approximate timescales for the aftercare and delivery of your photos

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