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how to set up a wedding gift registry

Creating a wedding gift registry is a quick and effortless way to ensure that your guests can celebrate the start of your life together by gifting items that are useful and practical for your married life.

wedding gift registry

how to start a wedding gift registry

Setting up a gift registry can be a lot of fun and as it ensures purchase of a lot of items, shops will normally make this as easy as possible. It is simply a case of comparing shops, picking one that has items you want and contacting them.

It is normally then possible to go in store and pick away or do this online, below are links to the best wedding gift registry experiences in the UK and US.

what to remember when creating a wedding gift list

There are a wide range of pricing options: it is important that gifts match the givers budget

  • Products will have a long life and usage
  • are suitable for you both and decided together
  • There are no added costs to you for packaging/delivery
  • There is a clear returns/damages/returns policy
  • nce you have made your choice, make sure to enjoy the process of picking out items that make you excited. It is recommended to do this activity when both of you have time to relax, enjoy and then go for a drink after. This should not be a stressful wedding planning task.

    where to get wedding gift registry services in UK

    Each link below goes directly to the department stores wedding gift list service

  • John Lewis
  • Debenhams
  • House of Fraser

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    wedding gift registry

    where to get wedding gift registry services in US

    Each link below goes directly to the department stores wedding gift list service

  • Crate and barrel
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Macy’s
  • amazing wedding gifts

  • benefits of creating a registry

    By creating a wedding gift registry, you can ensure that guests with differing budgets can gift something useful, it also avoids duplication and unwanted gifts.

    Couples who opt for a registry are often moving house or setting up for the first time. Getting household wedding gifts can be a wonderful way to get quality items that will stand the test of time.

    Why choose a wedding gift registry rather than cash gifts

    Wedding gift registries are the best way to avoid duplicate gifts and large volumes of unwanted phot frames, bottles of fizz and other generic presents.

    Gifting items that are useful and practical for a married couple can feel more thoughtful and a better usage of money rather than cash. By requesting gifts, it is easy to override more thrifty guests who might avoid giving cash, it also allows guests with lower budgets to feel that their gift is equally valuable.

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