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Wedding planning guide

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how to get married in six months

If you do not have the luxury of time to plan or cannot wait to get married. Six months is more than enough time to plan a wedding if you are willing to make a few compromises. Below is a condensed getting married guide for those short on time, not ideas.

how to get married in six months

money saving tips - who to invite - booking a wedding venue

6 months to plan your wedding...

Give official notice, so your wedding is legal: Visit your local council’s or Government's website and look up how to give notice that you want to get married (UK) or how to order a wedding license (USA). In the UK you will then be given options on dates to pick after a meeting. In the US you can choose your day as long as you have this document.

Create a guide list: With your partner only, create a list of guests you wish to invite and create a spreadsheet with their names on. You will need an approximate number for booking the venue.

Wedding venue search: Only include venues that; will host both ceremony and reception, have in-house catering and accommodation for the wedding night. It is wise to go with wedding packages where possible reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Visit wedding venue and book: Book tours for weekdays to ease pressure when discussing date options and allow you to take your time to get all the information needed. Be decisive when choosing the right venue to prevent missing out.

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5 months left to plan your wedding...

how to get married in six months

Create and send wedding invites: Skip 'Save the dates' and send out your wedding invites as early as possible. For this you will need:

  • Addresses for all guests
  • Venue address and arrival time for guests
  • Menu and options, if available
  • Direction to local accommodation
  • RSVP with return date and address

  • Booking photographers: Start with recommendations from friend's weddings and pictures you both like. Wedding photographers often work in consortiums are similar style so it can be easy to get referred to another person if you start from a trusted recommendation.

    Find a wedding dress and suit: Research your dress style and suit fit and find local wedding stores that stock lots of these options. When booking bridal or groom consultations, let the shops know about your timescales, so they only show you feasible options.

    Book evening entertainment: If this is not included in your wedding package. It is recommended to go for either a band or DJ to limit set-up and logistics.

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    4 months left to plan your wedding...

    how to get married in six months

    Book wedding transport: Only pick bridal transport if you want to make an entrance or have a split ceremony/reception venues. Guest transport is only required if guests will be sleeping at accommodation a distance away or if you have a lot of foreign or out of town guests.

    Sort out a wedding hairdresser and/or makeup artist: It is recommended to spend a bit longer researching talent via the web or to get recommendations. Where possible book the trials to coincide with your dress fittings and less than a month away from the wedding.

    Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits: For ease, it is recommended to buy bridesmaid dresses from high street shops, so no alterations will be needed and to hire groomsmen suits from a national chain so everyone can get measured easily.

    Buy bridal accessories: It is wise to have your shoes, veil and jewellery ready before dress fittings. When sorting wedding underskirts, it is recommended to hire one from your bridal shop for ease.

    Start planning and booking your minimoon or honeymoon.

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    3 months left to plan your wedding...
    how to get married in six months

    Select a wedding florist: To streamline wedding planning, try to pick a florist near the venue who will supply everything on the day; bouquets, buttonholes, any flower decorations and fresh confetti. Make sure to ask about discounts for bulk buying.

    Choose a wedding cake maker: Select a talented cake maker near the venue who will deliver and provides all the critical items for hire too, which should include cake stand and cutting knife.

    Collate wedding guest preferences: The venue will need to know if advance menu choices and numbers. This is also a good time to field questions and if having a child-friendly wedding or adult only to discuss entertainment with parents.

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    2 months left to plan your wedding...
    how to get married in six months

    Organise ceremony details: This is now time to organise readings (and readers), ask witnesses and arrange the music.

    Create a seating plan and wedding day stationery: Take your time to organise a seating plan that you both like. Then you will need to create a seating plan chart, place cards. To streamline this process, create stationery from the same place as your invite and use similar templates.

    Buy your wedding bands: Enjoy an afternoon out with your spouse to be and select rings.

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    1 month left to plan your wedding...
    how to get married in six months

    Buy wedding favours and bridal party gifts: With limited time keep these simple and classy by picking bouquets for mother’s in law and whiskey for fathers. Bridesmaid’s gifts can include jewellery given in the morning and for groomsmen cufflinks or tankards are very popular.

    Checking in with all suppliers: To ensure that there are no last-minute dramas make sure to check in with all wedding suppliers and provide alternative contacts for the day. Where possible pay money in advance so you’ll be stress-free after the wedding

    Create a wedding playlist for dinner and reception to supplement your venue or booked entertainment and share this list with a trusted friend or family member

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    1 week left to plan your wedding...
    how to get married in six months

    Pick up wedding dress: Ensure that this is given to someone trusted to look after until the morning so your partner cannot see it in advance.

    Confirm logistics: Check the bridal party have a clear plan for the night before and day including any additional jobs.

    Last minute beauty treatments booked: Now is a great time to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. Stay away from any new treatments.

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