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How to arrange your wedding seating plan

For many couples, arranging the wedding reception seating plan can cause tension. The below page provides guidance so you can breeze through the logistical challenges of seating guests, ensuring they enjoy themselves and choosing the right top table configuration for you.

Wedding Seating Plan Chart

Wedding reception: Should wedding guests pick their own seat?

This trendy idea can seem like a relaxed option. However, in reality, this can make guests feel more worried by having to make this choice themselves. Well-known guests will fill up tables quickly, save chairs and those who know fewer people will instantly feel unpopular and isolated. Where possible, avoid choosing this option and instead follow the below guidance.

Wedding Seating Plan

Arranging wedding guest seating

People that dislike each other or those that do not get along should be seated at different tables. It may be just one meal, but it should nevertheless be an enjoyable one for all. For everyone else, try to portion out that a few people know each other on each table or, where possible, allow a table to consist entirely of one friendship group. Avoid the singles table; guests will quickly figure this out and feel rather embarrassed. This is a day of celebration for all and there is no need to force people outside their comfort zones.

To ease seating arrangements, do not be worried about having unequally weighted tables, no one will notice and this will enable you to allocate seats more easily.

Wedding Seating Plan
How to get your guests talking with each other

A lot of couples get concerned that their guests may not have a good time or that conversations at the tables may be limited.

If this is a concern you share, then try one of the below tried and tested methods to get the chat going: