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Finding the right wedding dress

Shortlisting dresses and finding the right wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful can be a difficult decision when there are so many options to pick from.

This page gives guidance to make sure you find the right dress for you

Checklist to make sure you've picked your dream wedding dress
  • The dress colour makes your skin look radiant and not draining

  • The dress shape will suit your type of wedding and will give you, not just the silohete but also comfort all day. Dress for your current body size and shape to lessen any dieting pressure.

  • The fabric matches your style and wedding venue style. This is a day to be the best you but not someone else.

  • The dress is within your budget without causng any debt or putting pressure on any family who may be paying for this.
  • How to know you’ve found the right dress
  • You don’t want to take it off

  • You feel like a bride or at least very special

  • Makes you happy/proud to have your figure

  • If you Leave the shop, sleep on it, and you are still thinking about the dress then get it.
  • What to consider when buying the dress

    There are a couple of things to check before paying a non-refundable deposit.

  • How many alternations will be needed on the exact size ordered (and how much will this cost?)

  • Is the size ordered closest to your usual clothing size and is there an option to buy a longer/short length dress (some designers will have this option)

  • Is the dress being ordered in the correct colour for you (make sure it matches the one tried on)

  • Will an underskirt be needed (and how much will this cost?)

  • How many fittings will be involved (the more, the better)

  • Does the cost include a steam-press and can the dress be stored in the shop until near the day (leaving it at the shop will negate the stress of where to hide it)

  • Timescales – how the shop will contact you/keep you up to date, so you do not need to chase
  • Dress and alteration prices can vary

    Once you have decided on a specific dress, do also call around and get prices (including alterations). To make sure you get the best deal. Some shops can seem cheaper until you add in the alteration costs.

    When looking around, try not to fall in love with one specific dress but rather a general style to avoid a stressful dress hunt. Also, try to focus on your taste and style rather than seasonal trends.

    What to consider when buying the dress

    Where to find discounted, cheaper wedding dresses
    wedding designer trunk sales

    If you have a specific wedding dress designer that you adore, it is worth looking out for trunk sales on their websie. Trunk sales are when specific designers showcase their dresses in a shop. Often there are great deals, a more extensive selection of dresses and off-the-rack samples to buy. Local bridal shops will also advertise trunk sales, and it is recommended to book a slot in advance.

    bridal boutique sales

    Quite regularly bridal shops and boutique will advertise sample sales. This is when they are clearing out the dresses that shoppers try on. Sample sales can offer dramatic reductions of up to 50%.
    However, if opting for a sample dress, it is wise to keep an eye out for marks and discolouration, particularly on stark white dresses. When opting for a sample dress, is it worth asking if any further discounts and cleaning can be provided for the dress..

    end of season wedding dress sale

    Due to the proliferation of wedding dress seasons, there are often great deals to be had at the end of each dress season. The best seasonal sale to shop in is between October and December. If deciding to shop in the sales, it is recommended to select a mid-week appointment to avoid fighting over dresses.

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