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most popular wedding music

The right wedding music can increase the fun, enhance memories and stir emotions on your special day. Below is a short guide that explains which type of music to play through your ceremony, meal and reception to ensure your day is filled with happiness.

popular wedding music

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Best wedding music to get bridal-ready to: Pop, R&B

This music should be all about keeping your nerves at bay and focusing on the excitement: This is an excellent time to get your favourite pop playlists and funky beats out. Only the bridal party will hear the music, and a quiet, upbeat tempo will give everyone that wedding day morning vibe.

Best music to play as guests arrive: Instrumental music

As guests arrive, it can be fortuitous to play some soft background music with limited or no vocals: This will instantly create a relaxed vibe and allow guests to start chatting without any awkwardness.

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popular wedding music

Best wedding songs for the ceremony: Romantic ballads

As you are walking the aisle, signing the register and walking out as a Mr&Mrs, it is vital to enhance the mood by playing wedding music that you both treasure. Romantic ballads and music that stir emotions are highly recommended as this music will stay in your memories of the day forever.

Wedding breakfast music: Favourite alternative bands

Wedding music during the meal should be upbeat and filled with lyrics to relax guests and enable them to converse without feeling awkward. Be sure that the music is a background though and does not limit the ability to hear the conversation.

popular wedding music
Disco wedding music: Pop, 80s/90s, house music and R&B

This wedding music should full of dance floor fillers and songs that get your toes tapping. If you are a rock or indie lover, it is best to put this selection into the drinks reception and wedding breakfast as these normally clear the dance floor.

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