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wedding confetti ideas

To create a beautiful confetti moment, it is wise to do a little homework. Read on to learn about the best wedding confetti ideas for your wedding day, where to buy quality confetti, and how to make our own.

Confetti tip: Before investing time and money, it is worth contacting your venue to check if they have any confetti restrictions.

beautiful confetti ideas
why is confetti thrown at weddings?

Confetti was traditionally thrown at weddings so that the guests could wish fertility and prosperity to the bridal couple. Originally, rice and flowers were thrown over the newlyweds. This tradition is still followed at many British weddings.

best petals for confetti

The best petals for confetti should be a mix between larger petals, to add a burst of colour, and smaller petals, which will have more of a 'float' effect. A combination will ensure that your confetti photographs are vibrant and full of falling petals.

Ideal flower petals to buy or pick are roses, tree blossoms and delphiniums. Where seasonally possible, try to opt for natural flowers rather than coloured petals as these may stain. Scroll down for a guide to buying and making fresh and dried petal confetti.

beautiful confetti ideas
where to buy fresh petal confetti

For brides short on time or those who merely want a stress-free wedding confetti option, many florists will deliver petal confetti along with your flowers on your wedding morning. This will enable you to cross this off your list and guarantee that the confetti will be exacting to your needs.

how to make confetti from fresh flowers

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get perfect fresh petal confetti is to head to your nearest supermarket the day before your wedding and buy a few bunches of flowers.

A bunch of roses will cost approximately £4-6 pounds, and around two or three bunches will be adequate for pictures.

Red roses are highly recommended for this purpose as they contrast nicely in photographs. Once bought, the flowers can then be de-headed over a glass of prosecco the night before your wedding and will still be fresh in the morning.

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beautiful confetti ideas
where to buy dried petal confetti

An online niche market has sprung up to fulfil the need for biodegradable and natural confetti. However, do expect that ethically sourcing your confetti will come at a premium; therefore, it is worth requesting free samples before choosing a supplier.

It is recommended to start your confetti search by directly visiting the following supplier websites for inspiration; Daisy Shop, Perdita Petals and Hobby Craft.

how do you make dried flower petal confetti?

For brides-to-be who have time to make their dried petal confetti, one of the easiest ways is to collect blossoms from a local park in spring and dry these at home. Gathered petals should be laid out and thoroughly dried before putting into a storage container.

For weddings out of season, a quick solution is to head to your local supermarket and look out for the budget/discount roses. Put them in some water, enjoy bloom, and then de-head them before allowing them to dry.

how to store confetti

Confetti should be stored in a dark, dry place only once there is no moisture left in the petals, so there is no chance that they will go mouldy. If in doubt put some rice into the storage container to absorb any additional moisture.

how long will dried petal confetti last?

Dried petal confetti will last a maximum of four months if it is stored in a chilled, dark place away from moisture. Collecting petals in spring will ensure they stay perfect for weddings up until September.

beautiful confetti ideas
where to buy biodegradable paper confetti

Biodegradable paper confetti is often favoured as it will naturally breakdown, causing no lasting litter or waste. Biodegradable paper confetti is widely available in larger craft stores and online via more substantial marketplaces such as amazon. To ensure you are buying confetti that will biodegrade look specifically for this wording.

how to make paper confetti

Paper confetti is best created at home by using tissue paper. While most paper/cardboard will work, tissue paper will have more of a floaty effect when thrown, lasting a few more seconds for the all-important pictures.

The easiest way to create paper confetti:

1. Fold over a sheet of tissue paper to make it A4 size(ish).

2. Cut long slivers along the length of the sheet (leaving an inch at the end, so it stays together)

3. Cut off squares by cutting along the width of the sheet.

Confetti tip: To make the confetti more vibrant, it is best to choose 3-4 different shades/complementary colours.

beautiful confetti ideas
how much confetti do you need for 100 guests?

As an approximate gauge, it is worth having one litre per ten wedding guests. The amount of confetti collected or bought does not have to follow exact proportions as some guests will naturally get more than others. For a wedding with over 100 guests, there is no need to go over eight litres as it is doubtful that all guests will need to be throwing confetti.

how to display and distribute confetti on your wedding day

The easiest way to store confetti after your ceremony is in a couple of weave baskets. Confetti baskets can be held by two bridesmaids for your guests to take a handful of when they leave the venue. Where possible, try to do this inside to avoid loss of the petals beforehand.

For those wanting an extra craft touch, confetti cones can be made, but these tend to limit the spread of the confetti when it is thrown and look less natural in pictures.

beautiful confetti ideas
wedding confetti photographs

Wedding confetti throwing is a highly memorable moment to capture. Therefore, to get just the right confetti photograph, it is recommended to do some picture research and then tell your wedding photographers in advance so they can organise your awaiting guests.

Most popular wedding confetti photographs:

  • The confetti tunnel, where guests create two lines and progressively throw confetti as the happy couple walkthrough
  • The semi-circle group shot, where their guests encircle the bride and groom as they kiss.

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beautiful confetti ideas
alternatives to wedding confetti

For brides with allergies, a dislike of flowers or those just wanting to avoid precious moments lost to picking out confetti from your hair and dress, below are some popular alternatives:

A Champagne or Prosecco toast:

Imagine the scene; you're walking through a line of your favourite people toasting you with bubbles. The pictures will be classy, the smiles slightly intoxicated and, as soon as you are through, the scene will be ripe for your guests to start mingling.

flags waving:

For bridal couples celebrating a joining of cultures or countries, small flags waving can be a fun way to add some movement to pictures. Do expect these to be brought to the dance-floor later too.

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