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should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?

Read on for a complete guide to determining whether or not to invite work colleagues to your wedding so you can make judgements based on your preferences, budget and office etiquette.

which colleagues should I invite to my wedding

It is recommended to invite colleagues if they are categorised as 'friends you would see out of work' or if they match the level of friendship you have with others external to work: This is often a logical choice but if there is any doubt in inviting a particular colleague then do not ask them. Your wedding numbers will be limited, and the cost per head is high, so it is wise only to invite those who will make your day. If you have a small office and are friends with all, it is also polite to invite everyone, so no one feels excluded.

should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?

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when must you invite colleagues to your wedding

In larger corporate, formal offices, it is worth checking the etiquette with someone who has recently married: There may be unwritten rules that are worth checking before freely making your decision based on the friendship factor only.

what is the average size wedding in UK and US

English weddings tend to be a more intimate affair than those across the pond with an average of 80 guests to 100 in the US. The most common wedding guest lists will range from 70-100 guests.

how to include colleagues without exhausting your wedding budget

For those who have a lot of friends in the office, it can be hard to draw a line on numbers without exhausting your budget. In this type of scenario, there are a couple of options:

  • Invite colleagues as evening guests only
  • Have a separate drinks reception with colleagues before the wedding
  • should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?
    when to not invite colleagues to your wedding

    It is recommended to keep a firm boundary if you view your colleagues only as acquaintances. Inviting those who you are not entirely comfortable with to meet your friends and family can be a recipe for disaster. If you decide to keep a firm boundary between work and your wedding it Is recommended to keep wedding chat to a minimum to avoid awkwardness.

    Other key phrases to drop into a conversation which will ensure no one feels left out are:

    You are having a smaller intimate day and struggling with including all of your family

    Your partner is not allowing work colleagues, so you want to respect his/her wishes

    It is also wise to not invite colleagues if you work in a particular position of trust or where relaxing and getting a little loose with conversation could lead to any issues with your employment. Your wedding day should be a day to feel 100% relaxed.

    should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?
    how to only invite select colleagues

    If you decide only to invite a select few from the office, it is recommended to keep the invitation and wedding chat away from the workplace. Post the invite to them and on a lunch-break mention that you would appreciate their discretion as you can only invite those you are close too: This will enable you to solidify your friendship with them and ensure that there is no office chat, which could lead to people feeling left out.

    when should you invite your manager

    The below factors should determine the decision; whether to invite your manager to your wedding:

  • Length of relationship
  • Level of mutual openness and trust
  • There is a firm friendship which is external to the workplace

  • In formal firms and corporations, it is also worth checking if there is any social etiquette on inviting your manager to your wedding from others who are recently married. However, do ask your line manager with caution and ensure there is the right level of mutual friendship and respect.

    should you invite work colleagues to your wedding?
    when not to invite your manager

    Do not invite your manager if you feel pressure to do so, but this decision makes you feel uneasy: This is your day and part of your personal life. If you are concerned about how to mention your wedding without causing any awkwardness to try to include the below phrases in initial conversations about it:

  • You are planning a small intimate wedding day and having difficulty with involving all family – mention this is causing your some level of stress
  • Mention that you would like to do something with your manager and their partner before the day to celebrate as numbers are tight.

  • By including these phrases early on your will negate any additional worry when it comes to wedding invitations and discussing your wedding at work.

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