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wedding gifts you will treasure

For newly weds it is worth asking for small guest gifts that you will treasure. Read on for top tips on wedding gifts options, how to word invitations and ensure guests only gift what they can afford.

wedding gifts you will treasure

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Popular wedding gift options

Wedding gifts historically were provided to give the married couple items for their first home together. However, there are now a few different options to consider, which can help to balance out the cost of your wedding. Popular options include:

  • Money for honeymoon
  • Money for another specific purpose
  • Donations to charity
  • Wedding gift list for a particular department store

  • wedding gifts you will treasure

    Which wedding gift choice is best for couples

    The choice of wedding gift should be based on your current and short-term needs

  • Monetary gifts are best for those who need financial recuperation for a honeymoon. This option allows guests to gift the amount they can afford and also limits any headache associated with having to find you the right gift.

  • Physical gifts are a good idea for those with limited housing items or those who expect to move in the near future. Physical goods/items can be a nice sentimental touch for those gifting the items and will serve as a reminder of your day.

  • For the rare few that do neither needs money or gifts, it is recommended to request that money is gifted to a preferred charity.

  • enjoy wedding gifts

    How to phrase different your wedding gift choice

    Wedding gift choice should be outlined on the wedding invitation, and links to any associated gift lists also included

    Template words for money towards your honeymoon
    Template words for wedding gifts
    Template words for charitable donations
    wedding gifts
    UK stores that provide wedding gift list options

    Each link below goes directly to the department stores wedding gift list service

  • John Lewis
  • Debenhams
  • House of Fraser
  • US stores that provide wedding gift list options

    Each link below goes directly to the department stores wedding gift list service

  • Crate and barrel
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Macy’s
  • amazing wedding gifts
    How to create a store gift list

    If you are opting to make a personalised wedding gift list, it is highly recommended to visit a few department stores first to weigh up the pros and cons.

    Important things to consider when picking your gift list provider:

  • There are a wide range of pricing options: it is important that gifts match the givers budget
  • Products are of high quality and durable
  • There are no additional costs to you for packaging/delivery
  • There is a clear returns/damages/returns policy

  • Once you have made your choice, make sure to enjoy the process of picking out items that make you excited. It is recommended to do this activity when both of you have time to relax, enjoy and then go for a drink after. This should not be a stressful wedding planning task.

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