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how to choose a comfortable wedding underskirt

Below are five top tips to help you recognise what underskirt will be most comfortable on your wedding day.

Tip one: Pick a wedding underskirt made from a breathable material

The best wedding underskirts are made from breathable materials which will enable your legs to feel airy. For a non-flushed, fresh feeling opt for natural fibres, such as cotton or nylon. Underskirts with layers will often be formed from firmer lace netting, but the material resting against your skin should still be smooth and finely thread.

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how to choose a comfortable wedding underskirt

Tip two: Pick the widest-hooped wedding underskirt possible

Picking the widest-hooped underskirt will limit the amount your legs knock against the frame, which can become annoying over time. If in doubt, ask your dress consultant for her guidance or use a tape to measure what the maximum circumference can be.

Where possible, opt for an underskirt with a spring hoop, rather than a piece of unlined metal to limit rubbing. Also, opt for an underskirt where the hoop can easily be removed so you can feel extra comfortable when it comes to the wedding reception.

how to choose a comfortable wedding underskirt

Tip three: Go for a branded wedding underskirt

A good quality wedding underskirt will ensure that your silhouette is perfect: it will also ensure the weight of a heavier dress is distributed evenly so you can glide down the aisle.

Whereas, a cheaper quality wedding underskirt may leave you feeling flustered, ruin the way the skirt flows when you walk, and will not make the most of your expensive dress.

While this item may not initially seem important, these factors can impact your comfort and mood on the day. If your budget is tight, opt for a rental or a second-hand skirt to ensure that quality is not compromised.

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how to choose a comfortable wedding underskirt
Tip four: Pick a wedding underskirt in the next size up

Unless you are wearing a very tight bodice or particularly lightweight dress, it is recommended to go for a comfortable size that sits neatly below the waist or on your hips. If you are wearing tights, you will want to avoid too many tight waistbands that make your stomach feel restricted.

Tip five: Get used to wearing your wedding underskirt before your day

A wedding underskirt is a unique item of clothing, and most brides will not have had the experience of moving or sitting in this garment. By wearing this before the wedding, you will be able to test out the comfort of your wedding underskirt and get used to walking in it. It is highly recommended to wear your underskirt frequently within the first 28 days of purchasing it and to keep your receipt/labels on so it can be returned if uncomfortable.

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