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Wedding decorations and props

Adding a few wedding props, backdrops and finishing touches will ensure that your wedding guests will truly get into the spirit of your wedding reception and dance the night away. Whether you are looking for a small elegant prop or all-out fun accessories, our guide below covers everything you need.

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wedding backdrop

Wedding backdrops

Wedding backdrops are a great solution to add a customisable focal point to an aspect of your wedding. Backdrops can be used to increase the romance of your ceremony room, signify your top table, frame your cake cutting area or simply give you and your guests a beautiful area to pose together.

Trending wedding backdrops 2022

These decorative items come in such a wide variety of designs and styles to suit any mood or wedding theme. Current trending options include

  • Floral or faux foliage walls
  • Rustic frames with ornate Edison light bulbs
  • Cascading waterfall lighting
  • Grecian silk and fabric
wedding backdrop

Wedding backdrop costs

To keep costs down it is recommended to get quotes from party and event suppliers, not just wedding specialists, Indicative prices are included below:

  • Backdrops with lighting £250 - £300
  • Faux foliage backdrops £150 - £200 (for personalised expect to pay more)
  • Pre-assembled backdrops (including chalkboards) £80 - £180

TDo expect that more complex designs and lighting will need additional set up time and as such prices should include this and dismantling.

wedding disco props

Wedding thrones

Made famous by the Beckham’s, wedding thrones in 2022 how now become much more ornate and whimsical: When matched to the décor of your wedding venue, these chairs can add an extra touch of elegance and are a beautiful photographic addition to the wedding ceremony or reception.

Wedding throne costs

Prices are often for half or full-day usage and for a pair expect to pay £150 (half) or £180 (full day) for a simple finish and between £180 - £220 more elaborate styles.

When looking at costs online or asking for quotations make sure to ask that delivery, VAT and any set-up is included as this are often not explicitly stated. It is also wise to work out the duration you will want these for in case a half-day package is all that is needed.

wedding disco props wedding disco props
Wedding arches

Decorative floral or rustic arches can give the entrance to your ceremony, wedding breakfast or reception that additional glamour and romance. Arches can break up a large room, add a focal point to an outdoor venue and create a wonderful visual composition for formal wedding pictures.

Trending wedding arches 2022

Cascading Wisteria arches add an all-out foliage theme and entrance

  • Wooden arches with voile draped to make it look like a window
  • Rustic wooden doors leading to an outdoor ceremony
  • wedding disco props
    Wedding arch costs

    Fully decorated circular blossom, floral and foliage arches range between £180 - £250
    Rustic metal arch frames can be hired for approximately £40 - £70 and then decorated by your wedding florist.

    Alternatively, for those wanting to re-create this look without spending hundreds of pounds, local garden shops or online market places sell many small arches in metal, plastic and wood designs that can be bought with some decoration or adorned with your own selection of faux foliage.

    wedding disco props
    Wedding giant light up letters

    Hiring giant letters that light will give your wedding dance-floor a personalised and romantic glow. Signs are also a great backdrop for your first dance and wedding photographs: Everyone will love posing next to them. Light up letters also now come in such a wide range of styles and bulb effects that you will be able to find just the right illumination for your wedding theme.

    Giant light up letter costs

    To maximise the effect but keep costs down it is wise to pick a short word such as Love, your initials or newlywed surname. Indicative prices are included below:

    • For initials expect to pay between £180 and £230
    • For the word, 'LOVE' expect to pay approximately £250
    • For a Mr and Mrs expect to pay approximately £320

    When asking for quotes make sure that VAT, delivery, installation/testing, extension cables and pick up are all included in the price.

    wedding disco props
    Where to buy wedding decorations and props

    Your venue is likely to be able to give you direction to local, reliable suppliers. If your venue is unable to assist, it is best to check with your DJ, Band and search for local businesses to keep delivery costs down.

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