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Choosing a wedding cake maker

If you decide to opt for a specialist cake designer, it is key to find the right person to make your sweet dreams come true.

The below guide covers everything from selecting your cake designer to tips and hints for the day.

choosing a wedding cake maker

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Finding wedding cake makers

Searching for cake makers via your wedding venue:

They will be preferred for a reason and will often deliver items directly on your day, removing the hassle.

These suppliers will have a good understanding of the venue, what cakes work and will have learnt lessons from others, which will make your life easier. Some may even give discounts.

Locate cake makers near your wedding venue:

These will ease transport of the cake, charge less for the transit and have a higher chance of getting the cake there in one immaculate piece.

By picking a cake designer near the venue and close to other suppliers, it also means that a cake tasting can be incorporated into a fun wedding prep day. This will also limit the amount of annual leave you have to take.

Finding cake makers that have won or been nominated for regional awards.

It is essential to look for nominees that are voted for by happy customers. The wedding Industry Awards is a good website to start your research from:

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choosing a wedding cake

Shortlisting wedding cake makers

Once you have found a range of wedding cake makers, it is recommended to review their websites closely to make a shortlist to contact.

Below are some tips to follow when comparing their creations online:

  • Look closely at the cake pictures to make sure they look straight and have a professional finish

  • Look for versatility in their designs and personalised cakes

  • Make sure that flavour choices are refined and cover your favourites

  • Look to see what additional options are included, such as; cake toppers, cake-stand and delivery

  • Contacting wedding cake makers

    It is worth making a shortlist of three suppliers, just in case your favourite is busy and then reach out to all three with an initial email and details of your requirements.

    Some initial questions you might like to consider are:

  • Will they deliver to your venue and is there a cost for this?

  • Is a cake stand and knife included in the price or covered by a refundable deposit?

  • Ask for an initial quotation based on guest number and approximate design (for example 3 tier, sponge for 70 people)

  • Is a cake tasting included in the price?

  • What is their backup plan in case of sickness/unforeseen circumstances?
  • choosing a wedding cake maker
    Organising a wedding cake tasting

    If you are happy with the responses, quotation, flavour options and designs, then it is worth making a cake tasting appointment as early as possible. Good cake designers diaries surprisingly get full up very quickly.

    As designers are often busy preparing and delivering cakes on weekends, you should expect that tastings may have to take place on a weekday/evening.

    Where possible, it is also a good idea to give the designer a couple of cake sponge choices that you are keen to try (pick these from their selection)

    Are wedding cake tasting session free?

    As a general rule, wedding cake tastings are free unless a cost is provided up front. Cake makers expect that couples will need to try their products as the taste is just as important as the look of the finished cake.

    choosing a wedding cake maker
    wedding cake tasting: What to expect

    Unlike other wedding suppliers, where an initial meeting does not guarantee their services, a cake tasting is taken as an implicit understanding that you are seriously considering using the services of a cakemaker.

    Therefore, it is recommended to book with your favourite cake designer first.

    Generally, at the end of a cake tasting, with flavour ideas confirmed, you can then get down to the specifics of your cake.

    It is a wise idea to come with some pictures/drawings of what you like and portion size. This can then start a creative conversation and is a chance to test your cake designer's knowledge and interest level.

    choosing a wedding cake maker
    wedding cake tasting: Questions to ask
  • Do they make and design all the cakes personally?

  • What is their favourite type of cake to make?

  • What fillings do they recommend (given your favourite sponge flavours)?

  • Show a few of your ideas and get their recommendations

  • If people have allergies/are vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free, do they have options available?

  • A breakdown of timescales needed to confirm details and full costs
  • choosing a wedding cake maker
    What to do if the cake tasting does not go well

    If the tasting doesn't go well, then you have every right to thank them for their time and outline that due to a stringent budget you will have to look at a few vendors too.

    Do be open and honest, where possible, as this niche market is built on trust.

    Booking a wedding cake maker

    As this is a non-pushy wedding industry specialism, cake designers will often let you have time to go away and consider your final specifications.

    These are usually then filled in an order form, completed by the designer and sent back for you to check.

    Deposits are often paid, but some cake designers merely run on goodwill and will only charge right before the big day.

    It is a thoughtful touch to pay promptly and to also contact the designer once before the big day to outline how excited you are to see their creation.

    Choosing a wedding cake maker
    wedding cake delivery

    It is highly recommended to go for a delivery option, even if it is slightly more.

    Delivery will remove pressure on any of the guests to bring the cake and any potential cake disasters.

    The designer can then set up the cake to look its best and provide any stands needed. The designer will also often deal directly with the venue, so you do not need even to be involved on the day until you see it in all its glory.

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