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romantic destinations in Europe

A mini-moon is the perfect way to getaway and enjoy being newly wed. Europe is a short flight or train ride away and offers some fabulous unque mini moon destinations.

European mini moon destinations: Matera, Italy

romantic destinations in Europe

romantic breaks in Matera

Matera is an undiscovered jewel of Italy whose visitors will be astounded by the cave-like dwellings that dominant this historical hill-side town. Having been the location of many Hollywood films, this off-beat location needs little introduction.

It is a perfect mini moon destination for those wanting to escape the crowds, stay in unique accommodation and enjoy the best of Italian food and culture. This mini-moon location is best in spring, summer and early autumn but should be avoided in winter when weather can be wet and the stone paths can become treacherous.

minimoons in Lofoten, Norway

romantic destinations in Europe

Set just within the Arctic Circle, Lofoten nestles within a collection of islands jutting out of the Norwegian coastline. This remote, but well-equipped spot, enables both winter and summer visitors to enjoy the dramatic scenery and ocean-going life. Mini mooners in winter can cosy up in a rustic red hut, enjoy local foods and the stunning northern lights. In the summer the area becomes a vibrant spot for everything outdoors. This is a back to basics mini destination, which enables newlyweds to relax and enjoy this honeymoon period.

European mini moon destinations: Seville

romantic destinations in Europe

Situated centrally within the Spanish countryside, this near-always sunny city is off the mass tourist trail but has all the delicacies, cultural sights and luxuries to make it a perfect mini moon destination.

This city is best enjoyed as a mini-moon in spring and autumn when the days are long but not too hot for strolling the streets and having romantic alfresco dinners.

Mini-moons in Porto. Portugal
romantic destinations in Europe

This northern Portuguese city is often bypassed by many tourists who prefer to spend their time in the country’s vibrant capital, but with its idyllic situation, vineyards, port houses and proximity to fantastic beaches, Porto is a perfect pint-sized location for mini-mooners. Porto is a year-round mini moon destination as it is stunning in any season. However, it is recommended to book tours and hotels well in advance of summer when the Portuguese have their holidays.

mini moon destinations: Bruges and Ghent
romantic destinations in Europe

Iconic Bruges and Ghent are romantic, chocolate and culture-filled destinations where many men choose to propose for a good reason. The architecture, cuisine and sights all add romance to those who visit. For those looking for a truly relaxing mini-moon these stunning cities are served by Eurostar, and for those looking for a European honeymoon, these cities offer a perfect gateway to the rest of the continent.

Is it better to go off on a honeymoon straight after my wedding

If funds and work commitments allow you to get away on honeymoon immediately, this is highly recommended. Alternatively, a short-break or ‘mini moon’ as it is now called will enable you to recharge without too much travel. The wedding planning will have been a key aspect of your personal life and once that disappears the first few days after your big day can feel like an anti-climax unless there is a mini moon destination waiting.

Wedding planning and the big day itself can be exhausting, and a cosy break with your new spouse can ensure that the partying goes on for a few more days mixed in with relaxation away from reality.

romantic destinations in Europe
How much to spend on a mini-moon

As a mini-moon is merely a chance to recharge your batteries and relax it is worth shopping around for bargains and cheaper travel deals. It is suggested that the maximum amount to spend is £600 where possible and each of the above options has taken this into account.

If you do not have the budget for this trip, hold off and focus on your honeymoon destination first.

romantic destinations in Europe
When to book the mini-moon

Last minute deals are a rarity, and for the best value, it is wise to book your mini-moon at least four months before the wedding. It is recommended to start looking at mini-moons or honeymoons after you have organised the important logistics of the day as a reward.

How to decide where to mini-moon

The above mini-moon locations are based on unique and largely undiscovered destinations where the aim is relaxation, good food and a different culture. Book your mini-moon based on what is most important for you, for some this will be anywhere hot where there is a beach and others this will be somewhere local or cheaper in the UK. Do what is right for you as a couple and do not base this on impressing others.

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