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How to stay cool on your wedding day for brides

The key to keeping cool on your wedding day is about pacing yourself, heatproofing your look and maximising airflow around your body. If your wedding is forecast for an extra hot day, read on for unique tips on how to stay cool on your wedding day.

staying cool for brides

Tips for staying cool on your wedding day for brides

Heatproof your bridal hairstyle: Choosing a relaxed up-do hairstyle will keep your neck and décolletage areas feeling fresh and free. A neatly pinned up-do hairstyle will also limit any perspiration that could build up along the hairline; causing makeup to run and your hair to look greasy. For recommendations on the best bridal hairstyles for hot weather scroll down this page.

Wear lightweight, natural makeup: Choosing a natural makeup palette will ensure that any fading or smudging in the heat will not be visible. Lighter-weight makeup products will also let your skin breath and limit any reactions caused by exposure to the sun: For guidance on specific bridal makeup styles and products to use in the heat scroll down this page.

Wear cooling body products: Opting for a hardworking antiperspirant with a light scent will keep you cool and limit perspiration. In general, men’s deodorants tend to work that bit harder, and some have very neutral smells, which will not overpower your bridal fragrance. Whatever product you pick, it is recommended to try this in advance to limit reactions.

relaxed bride

Create a cool kit for your bridal clutch: It is wise to pack a few cooling items in your bridal clutch for instant relief if you are starting to feel hot: A hand-fan, cooling water spray, foam plasters and stick-on cooling patches will keep you feeling cool and comfortable all day.

Swap heels for breathable, soft flat shoes: On your wedding day, your feet will be working extra hard and are likey to swell due to the heat. Therefore, to avoid rubbling and blisters, it is recommended to switch into a comfortable pair of shoes after the ceremony so you can dance the night away pain-free.

Create a cool haven in your bridal suite: If you will have access to your bridal suite during your wedding reception, it is recommended to turn on the air-conditioning, close the curtains and put any items you may wear later in the fridge. This cool haven will be vital when you need to refresh your look and relax.

Limit the photographs which are taken in direct sunlight: Beautiful photos are vital, but they do not need to be taken in direct sunlight. If you are sensitive to the sun and do not want to be squinting in your photographs, make sure to ask your photographers to scope out photogenic shady locations around your venue.

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cool brides

How to stay cool in your wedding dress

Wedding dresses are usually bought at least eight months before the wedding; therefore, the comfort and fit may vary slightly in the heat. If you are still looking, make sure to factor in breathability and comfort in the heat. If not, factor this into your final wedding dress fitting and read on for tips to stay cool whatever dress you have chosen.

How to stay cool in the wedding dress you have chosen

For those brides wearing a full-length gown, the best way to keep cool is to switch your undergarments and increase airflow around your legs:

  • Wear natural cotton and breathable fabric underwear to keep you feeling fresh.
  • Go without a bra if your dress has hidden support.
  • Wear an underskirt with a hoop to take excess material away from your body and give your legs room to breathe.
  • Wear stick on cooling patches under your dress.
  • Rub on vaseline along any zips or hooks to prevent chaffing.
  • Take breaks to sit and cool down in your room frequently.

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    stay cool at your wedding
    Best bridal hairstyles for hot weather

    In terms of hot weather bridal hairstyles, it is recommended to go for a full updo with hair drawn back away from areas where sweat can build up, such as your forehead and neck. If having your hair down is a must, make sure to keep the style simple and have pack hair grips in case you want to pull your hair back later in the day.

    Top three bridal hairstyles for summer:

    Romantic loose bun

    Side swept plait

    Sleek high ponytail

    When your hairdresser is creating your style, it is recommended to pay attention and ask her for tips if your style starts to fall out or your hair starts to look flat: Hairdressers will usually leave products or give clear instructions about how to rescue your look.

    As it is also likely that your hair may need a freshen up in the heat, it is recommended to schedule in a short refresh after your ceremony and before pictures. Give your groom advance notice that you will need 5-10 minutes before pictures.

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    calm bride
    Best bridal makeup products for hot weather

    If you are getting married in hot weather, your makeup products will need more staying power and an excellent primer to ensure that they stay put. It is recommended to opt for waterproof eye makeup and foundations without SPF as this can cause a flashback effect in pictures.

    Where possible, go for more neutral lip colours and eyeshadow shades that will not fade quickly and use a lighter weight foundation that will not clog pores. In terms of finishing sprays, use cooling effect ones and cool-water spritzers will keep your skin looking dewy and fresh.

    Even with preparation and the right products, it is recommended to schedule a short touch-up break after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast: This will ensure you look fresh in the pictures. If you are worried about maintaining your look yourself, it is worth seeing if your makeup artist can stay on until the ceremony has finished for a quick touch up before formal photographs.

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