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Summer weddings vs winter weddings

Look no further for a complete comparison between summer and winter weddings to take the hassle out of your decision and how to convince your partner that your seasonal choice is best.

Why winter weddings are better than summer weddings

Winter weddings are the best choice to ensure a bargain when it comes to the venue, all suppliers and can even be cheaper for those staying in accommodation nearby. Even if rates do not seem lower, it is worth haggling a little or seeing if any extras can be thrown in. Wedding suppliers are also often able to give much more personalised service at this time of year.

Winter brides will be able to select a wedding dress at the quietest time in late summer/early autumn when designers often have sales and accessories are often heavily discounted. The January sales can also be used to get last minute touches, presents and bridal party items. Grooms can often find discounts on suits and a more extensive range of availability on groomsmen/usher suit rentals.

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summer weddings vs winter weddings

Winter weddings are less weather dependent, and many venues will offer lighting packages to ensure that the atmosphere is romantic and intimate. The early dusk can also enable couples to capitalise on other atmospheric entertainment options, such as fireworks, sparklers and fire-pits.

The scenery and variable weather can also offer a more dramatic and memorable condition for photographs. Everyone remembers a snowy wedding and less are likely to remember a standard summer one that is sandwiched between others.

Winter weddings will cause less issue with the bridal party and guest attendance. Fewer people are getting married, holidaying and generally doing things, so you will virtually be guaranteed that all your favourite people will be there.

summer weddings vs winter weddings

Why summer weddings are better than winter weddings

Summer weddings have much warmer, mild weather, which ensures guests can enjoy the outdoors and have more room at the venue to spread out. Nature is in bloom, so the wedding venue grounds are naturally prettier and offer romantic photographic opportunities.

Summer weddings have longer daylight hours, which can elongate outdoor lawn games or entertainment, the number of photographic opportunities, and generally, give a boost to the mood of guests.

Summer weddings are easier for guests with kids. Within the summer holiday period, kids are off school, and this can make it easier for those who are travelling long distances or for destination weddings.

Summer weddings offer more extensive option of suppliers and venues to choose from as the industry is largely focused on this period.

Summer brides will have a wider selection of dresses and styles to choose from and will need less overclothing. The same is true of most bridesmaid dresses and guest wedding attire. Bridal makeup styles and hair can also last much longer as fewer touch-ups will be required.

summer weddings vs winter weddings

Winter weddings are best for couples that:

  • Want to get married within a shorter time period
  • Want fireworks, sparklers or a more party atmosphere reception
  • Want to have a wedding that is spaced out from other weddings that year
  • Want something a little different and will not worry if the weather is bad
  • Need to keep to a smaller budget

  • Summer weddings are best for couples that:
  • Want to have a wedding with outdoor aspects or an outdoor ceremony
  • Want to follow tradition and get married in a season that is naturally warmer and has longer days
  • Do not mind waiting slightly longer to get married to ensure a specific venue is available
  • Want traditional, perfectly poised wedding photographs
  • Have a large guest list who will need additional space
  • summer weddings vs winter weddings
    How to decide whether a winter or summer wedding is right for you

    It is recommended to opt for a summer wedding if:

    You have a flexible budget or are willing to be flexible on suppliers and the venue

    Want to spend a decent amount of time outside and enjoy the venue when it is daylight

    It is recommended to opt for a winter wedding if:

    You have a strict budget but not willing to be flexible on suppliers, venue or any of the extras

    Want a wedding and day that stands out and is quite different

    You want to plan without the stress of competing for venues or suppliers

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