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Let’s start planning your wedding

Are you ready to start planning your wedding but have no clue where to begin? How much will it cost? Who to invite? Where and when to get married? The list seems endless, right?

I hear you. I was just the same. After getting engaged to my dream man, I had no clue how to start planning my dream day and found little practical guidance to help me figure it out.

After attending countless weddings, asking blunt questions, grilling wedding professionals and doing endless research, I learnt how to plan a wedding and, even better, how to help my friends now plan theirs. Now it's your turn as every bride-to-be deserves a helping hand

This website is an unbiased, straight-talking guide to planning every stage of your wedding.

Where to start planning your wedding

If you are newly engaged and starting out, the best place to start is planning when you want to get married and then where you would like to get married.

Trying to find new wedding supplies or cut down guest numbers

In these uncertain times, getting married has become even more complex. Budgets can be tighter; many suppliers have ceased trading or are booked up far in advance, and the restrictions on guests can make it hard to draw the line. Click straight to who to invite to your wedding and the below section on wedding suppliers for guidance on how to overcome these Covid-related issues.

Trying to choose your bridesmaids

Not sure who should be a bridesmaid and how to not offend those you haven’t selected. Don’t worry; help is at hand. Click straight to who to ask to be your bridesmaid and when to pick bridesmaids to avoid regrets to navigate any friendship fallouts.

For everything else, and I mean everything, please follow the navigation links below.

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