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Guide to ragdoll kittens

best toys to keep kittens entertained

Below is a list of the best kitten toys, which are guaranteed to keep your little feline happy and occupied while you are busy or at work.

Do I need to have toys for my kitten?

Your kitten requires stimulation, play and lots of sleep to develop into a well-rounded, socialised, and happy cat. In reality, it can be hard to juggle work, hobbies, family life, and keeping your kitten happy, so it is wise to buy a few toys that your kitten can entertainment themselves with. To prevent overuse and boredom of these toys, it is recommended only to bring them out when your kitten needs to play solo.

best toys to keep kittens entertained

best kitten toys: Crinkle and sensory cat tunnels

Just like babies, kitten’s love different textures and rustling noises, tunnels are a great option that your kitten can interact with independently. The rustling as they explore and the movement will intrigue your kitten and get them running through, jumping on and dragging this tunnel everywhere. Do make sure to put this toy away at night or you might just be kept up with the noise of rustling all night.

how to introduce a crinkle tunnel to your kitten

When introducing a crinkle tunnel to independent playtime, make sure that you play with this too and move it around first: This will give you kitten confidence and time to become familiar with it while they feel safe.

how to pick a good quality cat tunnel

There are a few products online and in shops that work well, but it is essential to ensure that this is safe for kittens and does not have any wiring that could injure your kitten if chewed. Tunnels should be easy to fold up and have some type of ribboning to ensure that your kitten has something to claw at.

where to buy cat tunnel toys

Below are so tried and test options that kittens adore:

  • Pets At Home's Crinkle Play Tunnel Cat Toy
  • Innova's Pet Cat Kitten Puppy Pop Up Play Tunnel
  • Demiawaking's Dotted Pet Cat Tunnel Kitten Tunnels
  • best toys to keep kittens entertained

    best kitten toys: Ball chasers

    Kittens love movement and the hunt of chasing something that moves. Ball chasers are straightforward toys where a ball moves around a circular circuit if tapped by a paw. This repetitive motion is very stimulating for a kitten to jump on, tap, chase and will give hours of fun. Again make sure to hide this toy away late at night; otherwise, you will hear the sound of your kitten playing this at all hours.

    how to introduce a ball chaser to play time

    When introducing a ball chaser, make sure to sit down with your kitten and become engrossed in spinning the ball around yourself. Your kitten may want to sniff the item and watch at first and make sure not to force play. Keep up your interaction, and your kitten will start to play with this in no time.

    how to pick a good quality ball chaser

    A good ball chaser must have a smooth track where the ball will do at least one rotation on its own after being tapped. The plastic encasing the ball and track must be quite firm to stop this being bent out of place or the ball is removed. More expensive versions also have lights and catnip toys that can make them more attention-grabbing.

    where to buy ball chaser toys for kittens

    Below are so tried and test options that kittens adore:

  • Petstages' towers of track
  • Petstages' Cheese Chase 3-in-1 Cat Toy by
  • Catit senses' Roller Ball Circuit
  • best toys to keep kittens entertained
    best kitten toys: Treat puzzle toys

    Food plus play equals kitten heaven and placing a few clear puzzle toys around your house that will reward your kitten with their favourite treats is a great way to keep them stimulated while you are occupied.

    how to introduce treat puzzle toys to play time

    Puzzle games are not best introduced when your kitten is hyperactive as you will feel quite let down by the lack of interest in a toy that is normally a little more pricey. This toy is best introduced when your kitten gets a little hungry and has some level of calm to watch your play the puzzle and get the reward first. This toy is a slow burner, but crucial for regulating food and mental stimulation when you are busy.

    how to pick a good quality treat puzzle toy

    A good puzzle should have different options to get the treat: Maze style games work very well. If the puzzle is too simple this will simply turn into a cat feeder and will have limited usage as a toy to stop your kitten getting bored. The toy should also be made of hard plastic that cannot be broken or knocked over easiily for your kitten's safety.

    where to buy treat puzzle toys for kittens

    Below are so tried and test options that kittens adore:

  • Amazing Cats' Epic! Food Puzzle
  • Trixie Pet's Windmill
  • Catit senses' Food maze