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Altering your wedding plans during the coronavirus outbreak

As a savvy bride-to-be now is the time to stop procrastinating about whether to continue, postpone or cancel your upcoming spring or summer nuptials and crack on with a plan B. Given that social distancing measures firmly in place in the UK and USA for the short-term, we have created a step by step guide below about how to postpone your wedding during the covid-19, coronavirus outbreak.

altering your plans for coronavirus

Coronavirus wedding concerns: Do I carry on or postpone my wedding?

Politicians, churches and industry experts are finally aligning their messages, despite very different motivations, and it is strongly advised that weddings scheduled within the next three months are postponed. Given that timeframes are often cautionary and likely to extend further, it is wise to consider altering your nuptials if they are planned to take place before mid-September. If your wedding is organised from October onwards, it is wise to take a breathe and stick with your current plans.

Potential risks of wedding celebrations during the coronavirus outbreak

For those still considering powering through as restrictions gradually lift, it is wise to fully research the impact that your special day could have on your friends, family and particularly elderly guests. Your special day should be unforgettable for the right reasons, not the later impact it had on your nearest and dearest.

altering your plans for coronavirus

Coronavirus wedding concerns: Do I postpone or cancel my wedding?

Despite the knee-jerk reaction to cry, drink copious amounts of alcohol and cancel your wedding, it is important to ground yourself with these facts:

  • Postponing will give a clear message that you are still committed to eachother. However, cancelling could send out mixed messages to your wedding guests that your relationship is in trouble.
  • If you cancel the whole process has to start again while postponing is simply putting a pause on your fab venue, suppliers and they will still be keen to work with you.
  • A few extra months of saving may mean the difference between a so-so honeymoon and a trip of a lifetime.
altering your plans for coronavirus

How to make a backup plan for your wedding during the coronavirus outbreak

1. Consider what plan is best for you as a couple

Before making any decisions about how to approach your venue and suppliers, it is worth reading through your contractual agreements and see what contingency plans they are already prepared for. Many suppliers and venues are offering reductions in date changes and trying to accommodate couples as much as possible. However, do remember for small businesses that rely on monthly budgeting, this period is exceptionally tough and if accommodations are not possible to try to be understanding.

2. Contact your wedding venue about your coronavirus concerns

Contact your venue to ask about any cost implications of changing your date, alternative date availability and any options they would recommend. Keep patient, calm and courteous, even if you don’t get the response you were hoping for as this will ensure you have greater bargaining power over the final details at a later date.

altering your plans for coronavirus
3. Contact your officiant about your coronavirus concerns

Call your officiant or registry office and find out about the flexibility of date changes and availability. When calling make sure to be in a relaxed state as every service is under exceptional pressure at the moment and you will be one of many brides or grooms making this call. If possible, try to reconfirm with both the officiant and venue in quick succession as there will be a lot of couples doing the same.

4. Contact your suppliers about your coronavirus concerns

Communicating early with your suppliers about date changes and alterations needed is fundamental. Do expect that they may need to adjust their services or add on a small monetary premium if your new date is already booked or will roll over into a different financial year.

altering your plans for coronavirus
5. Communicate your altered wedding plans to guests

Once you have organised a large of amount of the logistics, it is wise to divide and conquer to make sure your wedding guests aware of your changes and are free for the new date. In this period of social isolation, it can be a nice tough to personalise this process where possible for elderly or close relatives. For all other guests a small postcard or email will suffice.

6. Use your social distancing time wisely

Once the core elements of your wedding plans are altered, have some fun with additional honeymoon and wedding day planning. Now is the time to make your special day even more fabulous when it comes.

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