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How to arrange your wedding seating plan

For a lot of brides and grooms, the wedding seating plan causes a lot of friction and arguments. Below is a guide to organising your seating plan with everything you need to consider to get this task done efficiently so you avoid the stess

Wedding Seating Plan Chart

Wedding breakfast: Should wedding guests pick their seat?

This trendy idea is gaining popularity with brides and grooms as it seems like a stress-free alternative. However, this is guaranteed to add stress and anxiety to your guests on the day.

This idea will push people you care about back into the school dinner hall mentality:

The well-known guests will fill up tables quickly, save chairs and those who know fewer people will instantly feel unpopular and isolated. Do avoid doing this and instead follow the below steps to make planning your seating plan straightforward.

Wedding Seating Plan

Arranging wedding guests seating

People that dislike each other or those that do not get along should be seated at different tables. It may be just one meal, but it should nevertheless be an enjoyable one for all. For everyone else, try to portion out that a few people know each other on each table or, where possible, allow a table to consist of entirely one friendship group.

It is important to remember the day is your celebration, but it is not a day to force people outside their comfort boundaries.

Do not be scared to have unequally weighted tables, no one will care or notice and this can often avoid headaches when planning. Avoid the singles table;

guests will quickly figure this out and feel rather embarrassed.

Wedding Seating Plan

Wedding breakfast: Guest seating chart ideas

Before deciding on how to create your wedding guest seating chart, it is worth checking with the venue about where seating plan boards usually go, in case you can use their equipment.

Ways to create wedding guest seating charts:
  • For a rustic approach, table lists can be pegged to string and hung along a backboard

  • Vista print’s online tool enables the creation of foam boards to suit any style or colour, and table lists can be directly glued or pinned to these.

  • Wilkinson and the more extensive supermarkets stock sizeable multiple photo frames, and table lists can be added to each separate frame (these frames can then be re-used for wedding photos)

  • Another fashionable design is to use a world map and name tables according to places you have visited as a couple (cheap maps can be found in a wrapping paper shop)
  • Wedding Seating Plan
    How to create low-cost place cards

    As with anything containing the word ‘wedding', there are an enormous amount of businesses that either market themselves as trendy or niche and charge an exuberate amount for what can be made quickly and relatively cheaply.

    Below is a simple method to make low-cost place cards:

    1. Business cards folded in half lengthwise make an ideal place card size/shape and business cards in any design can be ordered blank online very cheaply. Make sure to remove all text and just have a single side print with your wedding theme or colour (in a light colour).

    2. Add names with a permanent black Calligraphy marker (these can be bought for under £2 in any Stationery shop). Or print names from your printer onto address labels and stick these on the business cards.

    Blank name cards can also be purchased in any low -cost card store or stationers, and these are often in packs of up to 50 at a time.

    Wedding Seating Plan
    How to get your guests talking with each other

    A lot of couples get concerned that their guests may not have a good time or that conversations at the tables may be limited.

    If this is a concern you share, then try one of the below tried and tested methods to get the chat going: