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Choosing wedding favours your guests will love

Picking the right wedding favours can be a thoughtful way of showing appreciation to your guests for attending your big day.

The below article covers everything you need to know about selecting the right wedding favours, from adults to babies, so you can just enjoy the fun of giving these special gifts.

Wedding Favours

How much should wedding favours cost?

It is essential to establish a budget for wedding favours otherwise this small gift can get massively expensive.

When working out wedding favour costs do include any packaging to keep costs down. Realistically, a singular wedding favour should range from £1-6 per wedding guest.

How to divide wedding favours for different guests

Dividing wedding favours can enable more personalisation and can make the choice of gifts easier. This option also means the job can be shared and more enjoyable. Popular ways to divide out wedding favours are:

  • One generic wedding favour for all
  • Different wedding favours for men and women
  • Different wedding favours by culture or nationality
  • Included children and baby wedding favours
  • Wedding Favours

    Popular wedding favours guests will love

    The most popular weddng favours do not need to extravagant or highly decorative. To keep costs down it is best to focus on small item that can be eaten or used on the day. Below is a run-down of top three wedding favours that come highly recommended:

  • Shots or mini bottles of alcohol
  • Chocolates or sweets
  • Lip balms for women
  • Wedding Favours
    Where to buy wedding favours on the high street

    The high street is so full of wedding favour ideas that it can be daunting unless you have an idea in mind already. If you are looking for inspiration it is best to head to the department stores and their dinning sections. However, the best places to buy wedding favours are low-cost, quality shops such as Flying Tiger, Wilko, Hemma and the Body Shop. These shops should also have enough stock to bulk buy or order in to keep costs low.

    If you are opting for lip balms or toiletries, it is highly recommended to wait for January sales or to go to out of town discount outlets, where prices will be much lower.

    For those looking for higher-end gifts and are willing to pay more; Debenhams and Marks & Spencer have good selections of small wedding favour gifts, which are also drastically reduced seasonally and in January.

    Wedding Favours
    Top rated alcoholic wedding favours guests will love

    Alcoholic wedding favours are a great way to treat your guests to a personalised tipple on your wedding day.

    If opting for this fun party favour, it is essential to choose a drink that guests will widely enjoy and using your budget to guide your choice. If you are looking for a low effort option but are willing to spend more on your alcoholic wedding favours, it is best to go to a website offering ready-made mini bottles.

    Top choices include:
  • Amaretto (for example; Disaronno)
  • Bourbon (for example; Jack Daniels)
  • Rum (for example; Havana club)
  • Wedding Favours
    Do it yourself wedding favours: Low-cost options

    Before opting for a do it yourself wedding favour do be realistic; this option can often exhaust time and budgets although it initially is often viewed as the cheapest option.

    It is best only to pick a DIY option if you are determined on a personal touch or are very talented at a particular craft. For inspiration, it is best to search a few arts and crafts websites such as Etsy, Pinterest and Hobby Craft for inspiration.

    Unique and thoughtful wedding favour options include:
  • A photograph of the guest with the bride or groom and a short note
  • A small card with a personalised note
  • Wedding Favours
    Creating personalised wedding favours

    With a small amount of effort and the aid of templates anyone can create their own stickers or labels to cover their wedding favours.

    Most of the online print companies have label creation option that give step by step tools or ready-made templates.

    When picking a supplier, it is essential to shop around as different websites will have differing discounts at a particular time.

    If opting for a personalised label or sticker, it is highly recommended to purchase the item to be labelled first to make sure that the measurements will be correct.

    Wedding Favours
    Picking fun wedding favours for kids

    Gifts for toddlers and kids can be entertaining and, if you have a partner who is less keen on organising, this is a great task to delegate to them.

    The aim of this wedding favour is to find something that kids can have a play with while the wedding breakfast is going on.

    These will be much more valued by the parents than a keepsake. Do remember that kids often do not have a social filter and if a gift is not liked you will find out when visiting the tables.

    Popular wedding favours for kids:
  • A small soft toy (Beanie babies have a wide range to suit most budgets)

  • A little puzzle or puzzle book (avoid colouring books and pens unless your venue is very relaxed)
  • Children's Wedding favours
    Where to buy kids wedding favours on the high street

    Great shops for children's wedding favours are Tiger for low cost and quirky designs and the Entertainer for puzzles and soft toys.

    Larger department stores like Debenhams will also have a wide range of kids toys but these can be slightly more expensive.

    Choosing wedding favours for babies (0-3-year olds)

    Undoubtedly the hardest group to pick and buy for are babies as a lot of the traditional wedding favour ideas are unsuitable.

    For this group, do consider that it is the thought and the appreciation of the parent that is important. Try to aim for something the parent will value or that will help them to manage the tears while the wedding breakfast is taking place.

    If opting for baby gifts do not be offended if you see your present misused, thrown or causing a tantrum.

    Children's Wedding favours
    Popular wedding favours for babies that parents love:
  • A small soft toy (must have a label that says it is suitable from birth)
  • A little chew toy or rattle
  • A bib with something wedding-related written on it

  • Where to buy wedding favours for babies on the high street

    If you do not have a baby yourself, it can be a little daunting knowing where to shop for these wedding favours. Highly recommended shops to try first are Mothercare, Tiger and George baby section in Asda

    Top baby wedding favour buying tip:

    Give a time-limit for this task and keep to it or visit a shop and decide that you will leave with whatever is the best option. This will stop this job becoming stressful. Alternatively, this is an excellent task to delegate.

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